While capture_2015-02-26_104051Hop and Pop comes with a demo airfield that fulfills all the requirements for standard pattern training, ultimately you and your students want to get your Dropzone into Virtual Reality. On a basic level, this might be much less expensive than you would think and certainly affordable for an average skydiving school!

Besides the scenery itself, any other aspect of the virtual world can be customized as well. Canopies, Altimeters, Rigs  – you name it!

As the required time and effort to create custom content vary greatly with the desired complexity, we can not make up any estimate of costs here. But again: It’s probably less than you think, so contact us anytime and we will help you to find out what is the best option for you while going easy on your budget.

Giving Back

Any content that has been custom-made for you will of course be included in your personal copy of Hop and Pop VR only. However, you are always welcome to voluntarily contribute to the basic edition and thus have everybody benefit from it. A discount will be granted on the creation of any (appropriate) custom content that you choose to donate.


capture_2015-02-26_112938Are you a manufacturer, dropzone- or shop-owner, or do you have any other commercial interest in the skydiving community? Sponsoring a custom made scenery in the basic edition might be an excellent way to promote your business. Whether your product itself is used in the simulation or your logo is prominently displayed on windblades, a blimp or even the runway – you are guaranteed to be noticed!


For an individual offer or if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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