As the only piece of hardware for Hop and Pop VR, that inevitably can not be built from consumer electronics, the Full Immersion Rig optionally provides users of the Pro and Tactical Editions with the last missing link to a truely lifelike experience.

girl in full immersion rig

Fully Customizable

At the moment the rig is made to order only, which enables us to build it meeting exactly your individual requirements. Usually the fully pre-assembled package comprises all the necessary parts, including electronics, cables and connectors up to the point where you would attach your own toggles, but no actual toggles, risers or harness. This way you can connect literally any existing harness and are not constrained to using only one, that might not even be the one you want your students to get used to.

However, if you feel more comfortable with a proper all-in-one package, we do have most capable and certified FAA master riggers on stand-by, that will also build the harness-part perfectly meeting your specifications.


As Hop And Pop VR is still subject to ongoing development, for a limited time the Full Immersion Rig will be available for a fraction of the final product’s price. For an individual offer or if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We will very happily try to arrange for a personal demonstration as well.