Our custom built Full Immersion Rig optionally provides users with the last missing link to a truely lifelike experience.

Fully Customizable

At the moment the rig is made to order only, which enables us to build it meeting exactly your individual requirements. Usually the fully pre-assembled package comprises all the necessary parts, including electronics, cables, connectors, risers and toggles.

You can quickly connect any standard skydiving harness to the rig, providing your students with the very same equipment they will be using on their next jump.

Simulator Harness

girl in full immersion rig
You may also prefer one of our specifically designed Hop and Pop harnesses. While still feeling just like a real harness, these offer a couple of advantages:

  • Quick connectors enable faster donning and a smoother turnaround between students.
  • Resizable backstraps facilitate a wide range of body types.
  • Magnetic handles can be reattached much faster than standard pilot chutes. They also connect electronically to the simulation.
  • FAA certified parts and materials, with a design based on fully TSO certified skydiving equipment.
  • Cost effective, with no parts not essential to the simulation.


For an individual offer or if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We will very happily try to arrange for a personal demonstration as well.

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