Hop and Pop VR has been built from the ground up for Virtual Reality, aiming at the highest level of immersion. You do not need to have an expensive super computer in your backyard though: quite some effort has been put into the fact that it runs perfectly smooth on your standard gaming home computer while still not sacrificing any visual fidelity or starting to look awkward as soon as you put on the headset! Virtual Reality Skydiving

The headset currently supported is the Oculus Rift from version DK2 and up, which during my tests has not only proven to be extremely reliable but also fast and highly accurate in tracking your head’s movements. However, all other major PC-based VR headsets that might come to market in the future will be supported too.

Oh yes, that’s right: you don’t have to buy any special headset. Just get yourself an ordinary Rift (with which you can do a ton of other cool things too) and fly a canopy on your home computer. A decent gaming controller, like the Xbox 360’s, is highly recommended too though.

Full Immersion Rig

And in case a VR headset is just too much of an investment for you right now: Hop and Pop VR does run perfectly well on your standard computer monitor or beamer after all.

And the there is the Full Immersion Rig of course…