Maybe you are a licensed skydiver or skydiving student who wants to practice landing patterns under various normal and extreme conditions in a safe and repeatable manner. Maybe you run a skydiving school and want to incorporate synthetic flight into your training. Maybe you just want to know how it is like to fly a canopy.  In any case, Hop and Pop VR targets different audiences and their demands, from casual gamers to professionals in the aviation industry.

This page will give a quick overview about the core features that are included in any version.

Detailed Scenery

sunsetFor most people and for all students piloting a canopy relies for the most part on visual cues and the proper interpretation thereof. Hence, a VR simulation can only be as useful as much as it is able to provide users with all the cues and details they would expect to see in the real world.

With the demo airfield included in the basic version we realize just that, putting quite some effort into rebuilding most landmarks and buildings in the vicinity to scale.

Depending on your individual requirements and specifications, any existing or fictious area can be (re-) built for in virtual reality with an incredible level of detail.

Accurate Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic Canopy SimulationCanopy behaviour in Hop and Pop VR is not programmatically defined but based on some smart yet computational feasible aerodynamic algorithms. This means I did not tell the simulation “turn right when the right toggle is pulled“, but instead we taught it from ground up how a canopy and the air around it interact with each other.

This approach not only enables the fast and cost-effective implementation of any other type of canopy, but also provides accurate characteristics in a number of critical situations like

  • flight through gusty wind zones,
  • strong ground winds after landing (you better pull a toggle here),
  • or the dreaded pendulum effect after aborted landing flares.

Sensible Use of Hardware Resources

You don’t want to afford a super computer and we believe you shouldn’t have to. Therefore, Hop and Pop VR has been designed to run perfectly smooth on average modern home computer systems. Utilizing proven techniques from the video gaming industry this is accomplished with little to none compromises in regard to the visual experience.

Further, as Hop and Pop VR was primarily built to be used with virtual reality headsets, the above statement holds true in that case as well. Expect a decent but not too special gaming PC to be more than adequate.

Full Immersion RigModular System – Modular Pricing

You can get started on any computer monitor in seconds. Hop and Pop does not require a VR headset.

For a little more control over the simulation environment and to get the best experience out of your virtual reality headset you might want to take a look at our Full Immersion Rig.

Finally, the Tactical Editon, which regardless of its name is available to everybody, provides you with an extended set of features for professional training environments.

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