There are three editions of Hop and Pop VR available. The following summary helps you deciding which one is best for you. If you don’t know yet, just give the free Basic Edition a try. You can always upgrade later!

Full Aerodynamic Model
Tropical Island Demo Scenery
Ready for VR
Supports the Full Immersion Rig
Take Screenshots
Debrief Mode
Selectable ground winds
Export to KML
Eligible for Custom Content
Non-personal and commercial use
Instructor's station
Time of day/night selection
Unlimited adjustable wind layers
Arbitrary placing of drop points
Adjustable drop altitude
Arbitrary placing of targets
Adjustable deployment altitude
Manual deployment
Adjustable altimeter offset
Low visibility simulation
Networked operation
Military style skydiver model
Custom branding
Priority scheduling
Premium 24/7 support
PricingFree for personal use!TBA*on request

* I’m trying to offer the Pro Edition affordable for really everybody. Thank you for your patience, while I’m still pondering with various options about out how to reconcile this with development costs.